Monday, January 25, 2010

APAH Unit Test 4 - Migratory to Gothic Study Guide

What you need to know:
• Medieval and Migratory –The “Saint Matthew(s)” including the Book of Durrow, Lindesfarne gospels, Ebbo Gospels, and Coronation Gospels, Charlemagne and his importance and influence, differences between the early Medieval and Migratory art periods and their context (Anglo-Saxon, Hiberno-Saxon, Viking, Carolingian and Ottonian, how Christ was viewed (Pantokrator) and how that view changes, Sutton Hoo and its importance
• Romanesque – what does “Romanesque” mean?, parts of a Romanesque portal, eight characteristics of a Romanesque pilgrimage church, dates of the Romanesque period, context for Romanesque and the churches, Abbot Suger and his importance, Y1K and its significance, monasteries and why they were important, Crusades and their significance, significance of stone carving as a hallmark, how the human body was “represented” (canon?)
• Gothic - seven characteristics of Gothic cathedrals, stylistic changes in Gothic architecture and their names (Flamboyant, Rayonnant, Perpendicular, etc.), movement toward greater realism (the N word!), how the human body was portrayed (its reemergence), Giorgio Vasari, significance of Paris, lux nova, Jean Pucelle, “Notre Dame” (the Virgin) and Her significance
• Vocabulary – cloisonné, zoomorphic, manuscript illumination, interlacing, scriptoria, vellum, carpet page, reliquary, nave, transept, crossing, radiating chapels, ambulatory, choir, triforium, tribune, westwork, cloister, tympanum, trumeau, archivolts, jambs, voussiors, groin vaults, barrel vault, mandorla, buttress, compound pier, column statues, rose window, lancet window, pointed arch, rib groin vault, stained glass, flying buttress, tracery, verticality, fan vaulting
Images to know:
• Migratory and Medieval –Sutton Hoo Ship, Lindisfarne Gospels, Book of Kells, Ebbo Gospel, the Saint Matthew images (all), Equestrian statue of Charlemagne (Charles the Bald?), royal chapel at Aachen, St, Michael at Hildensheim, Bernwald’s column, Bronze doors of St, Michael’s, Gero crucifix
• Romanesque – Saint-Sernin, Toulouse, France; Bayeux Tapestry, Morgan Madonna, reliquaries (various), Modena Cathedral reliefs (Wiligelmo creation of Adam and Eve), The Pilgrimage Church at Vezelay, Pisa Complex, Durham Cathedral, England
• Gothic – Rottgen Pieta, Death of the Virgin at Strasbourg Cathedral, Virgian of Jeanne d’Evreux, Chartres (west, north and south portals and their differences) Visitation, jamb statues, Reim Cathedral, The Virgin of Paris, Ekkehard and Uta-Naumburg figures, St. Denis, Notre Dame, Paris, Laon Cathedral, Amiens Cathedral, Reims Cathedral, Sainte-Chapelle, Salisbury Cathedral, Milan Cathedral, Cologne Cathedral, Bamberg Rider, the Royal Portal at Chartres, Throne of Wisdom, Porch of the Confessors