Sunday, August 15, 2010

A.P. Studio Art Contract 2010-11


The purpose of Advanced Placement is to prepare students for college. It also gives students the opportunity to place out of select college courses. The class is taught at an accelerated pace with higher-level thinking skills, outside projects and readings. Because of the nature of the course it is important that the instructor, the student and parents agree to commit the time and energy needed to complete the course successfully. There is a set criteria that must be met for this course in order for the student to receive Honors Credit (grade based on a 5.0 scale). Students not meeting the criteria will be graded on a 4.0 scale.

The Summer Assignment is to be completed and turned in on THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS - NO EXCEPTIONS. Remaining in the AP Studio Art class is dependent upon the student's commitment and completion of the summer work.

Students are aware of the criteria for A.P. Studio Art and agree to accept the responsibility for the preparation needed to complete the course. They will participate in class, understand there will be work outside of class necessary to meet deadlines and are aware that if their behavior or work ethic falls below the standards required for this course that they will be moved to a non-AP level course. Every student in AP Studio Art is required to complete an Advanced Placement Portfolio by April 2010 in order to receive Advanced Placement credit. No exceptions.
Parents are aware of the criteria for A.P. Studio Art and understand the commitment needed for their student to be successful. Parents are aware there is a materials fee of $100.00 payable to Bowie High School AP Studio Art at the beginning of the year. Portfolios will be submitted May 6, 2011. Portfolio registration fees will be collected Spring 2011 (date to be determined).

The requirements for this course are that each student completes a minimum of 24 pieces. Students must be prepared to be well into the concentration section of the portfolio (i.e. have approximately 6 pieces completed) by the December break. Students will be graded on the quality and quantity of pieces they have each grading period. For works to qualify as completed they must be of photographic quality per portfolio requirements.
The grading scale correlates to the rubric of the Advanced Placement Studio Art standards:

5 = 95-100 4 = 88-94 3 = 80-87 2 = 70-79 1 = 0-69


I have read the purpose, responsibilities, fee and grading requirements of the Bowie High School Advanced Placement Studio Art Contract. I understand and agree to all the terms and conditions of this contract:

Student: _____________________________________________

Parent: _____________________________________________

Date: _____________________________________________

Art Material fee is due on or before September 4, 2011
Portfolio Application fees to Bowie High School (TBD Spring 2011)

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