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Art 4 Drawing/Painting 2011 - 2012

Art 4 Drawing/Painting 2011-12

As Painting 4 students, you are no longer beginning artists. You have shown a dedication to art that goes beyond being told what to do. Now it is up to you to prove to yourself that you have the capability to work within your own structure and create a professional portfolio of work. The first semester of study will culminate in producing top-level work with drawing as the basis.
There are only two requirements for this class:
1. Complete all the assignments by the deadlines.
2. Continue with your sketchbook as a REGULAR record of creative thinking outside the class. Your sketchbook should be going with you everywhere. Evidence of outside work is vital in Art 4.
Second semester you will bring together a completed portfolio of finished work, ready for a final class presentation. Emphasis will be on student individuality and style. All work will be discussed prior to starting, with the understanding that grades will be based on work completed and presented. Work must be matted mounted and/or framed for presentation.
A selection of assignments will be discussed the first week of each semester with a brief review at the semester. Students will be expected to choose/create and complete 3 (three) finished pieces by the end of the quarter. If the piece is very involved, deadlines will be taken into consideration with prior approval. All students are expected to work from live models on days they are available. At least one of your pieces must be a self portrait from observation.
Art history for Painting 4 students will be self-selected. You will be required to put together a presentation based on an artist or artistic movement for each semester. Your work should include samples of the artist/movement’s work and a discussion on the nature of the work, time period and connections you feel strongly about in today’s society. I am expecting you to think creatively in terms of how you would like to pull the project together.
Sketchbooks are required and are a major portion of your grade. This is an honors level class and there are high expectations for the quality and creativity of work. The time spent on projects should be significant. Students will also be expected to visit an art museum, gallery, art opening or art lecture of their choice every quarter. The visit must be summarized in-depth with specific work sketched and discussed. Sketchbook Assignments:
Sketchbooks need to reflect:
At least 6 (six) hours of creative time each 6 week period.
Date and reflections on each entry.
Quality work (no pencil sharpeners, wall clocks from last class, etc.)
Work done outside of class.
The sketchbook will be graded every 6 weeks based on the degree of difficulty or time involvement.

Portfolio work: 70%
Sketchbooks: 15%
Critiques 15%
Late work:
Excused absence – 2 days for completion, no point loss
Unexcused absence – 1 day for completion with point reduction equal to 20% of grade
Respect, respect, respect for yourself, your instructor and the materials. All advanced students are responsible for the care and acquisition of their own materials. The art fee requested is a donation that makes the buying of professional materials possible. If you choose not to make the donation, you will be responsible for supplying your own materials throughout the year. The art fee for 2011 – 2012 is $50.00 made payable to Bowie Art Department and due by September 2nd.

Bowie High School is committed to maintaining an atmosphere in which students develop the desire to learn by working in partnership with parents, staff and community.
In order to meet this commitment, every student must be respectful of other students, of the staff and, therefore, of himself. The following rules are intended to help us all be respectful:
1. Use appropriate language. Swearing is not acceptable.
2. Be courteous to everyone. Bullying, harassing and hurtful remarks are not acceptable.
3. Be attentive to the teacher and other students. Cell phones are not allowed between the hours of 8:45 and 4:00, period. Head sets, electronic games and other distractions are to be turned off and put away unless you are given specific permission to use them.
4. Be on time and come with your materials. Tardiness and absences can affect your grade. Be here and be ready to learn.
5. Dress appropriately for school. If your attire is inappropriate (i.e., distracting to the learning process) you will be asked to change it.
6. Eating and drinking in class is a distraction for you and for other students. No food or drinks are permitted in the classroom.

I have read and understand the attendance, grading, art fee and expectations and policies of the Bowie Art Department. I understand the fee, a sketchbook and the signed parent/student form are due by September 2nd.

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