Sunday, September 06, 2009

APAH Quiz Week 3

APAH Quiz 9-11-09

Vocabulary/Ideas and Concepts/Facts/Art and Architecture Terms
Clearly print or write your answers on the lines provided:

1. What is “The outline of a figure/form viewed as circumscribing a mass” called: ______________
2. The word often used to describe a surface that curves in and out: _________________________
3. A religious person thought to have special powers of healing or seeing the future: ____________
4. The simplest, most direct presentation of an image (often just using line): __________________ or _______________________.
5. The Greek word for the idea that earliest “art” was just copying nature: ____________________
6. Why is the function and context of Prehistoric art unknown?: ____________________________
7. The two basic methods of making sculpture are _________________or ____________________
8. Who discovered the Royal Cemetery of Ur? ___________________________________________
9. The method of construction used in Stonehenge ___________________and ________________
10. What is sacred space in ancient cultures? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
11. What are the 4 ways of thinking of context?
12. ________________ 2._________________ 3. _________________ 4.___________________
13. What is function? _______________________________________________________________
14. Why was twisted perspective (two points of view in the representation of a single figure) used? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
15. What was the Sumerian view of “afterlife” and name an example. Be specific. ______________________________________________________________________________

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