Thursday, September 10, 2009

(Psssst! Answers to the Friday Quiz below!)

Remember, your own answers may be wonderful and another way of looking at art so don't go changing a good thing you have, my Junior Art historians!
1. silhouette
2. undulating
3. shaman
4. abstraction, schematic
5. mimetic
6. no written language, no context to base observations on
7. additive, subtractive
8. Leonard Woolley
9. post and lintel
10. temple, tomb, votive with interior, block statue, sarcaphogi, mastabe, urn (with organs)
11. physical, artist/patron, historical, concepts/ideas
apparently there is no 12!
13. What is determined by context. The intended purpose of a thing.
14. To show movement, conceptual rather than optical
15. Afterlife will be rewarded (votives and offerings), gods live in "heaven" (temples on top of mastabas)

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