Saturday, October 17, 2009

AP Studio Sketchbook 2009-10

These are to be used as prompts and “jumping off” places for your sketchbooks. I expect each sketchbook to show evidence of critical and intelligent thinking (as opposed to the “Oh c---! I forgot I have a sketchbook due today!”). I would like to have you include deconstruction/transfers/techniques of interest…
Here’s the new list:
Ballpoint pen
Jim Dine tools
Dirty Water drawing with Sharpie (weighted line)
5 drawings on top of each other
Mechanics of an Object
Less than an Inch
Art History Revealed
I hate these things!
Drawing with Colored Paper
Random Acts of Art
Manmade vs. Nature
Masking Tape patterns and Colors
A word and Visual Description
Free Space
All that and the Kitchen Sink
Messiest vs. Cleanest
Dot Drawing (only a pencil eraser and ink)
Object I found at this location (collage design only)

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