Sunday, October 17, 2010

APAH Slide List Quiz 10/19/10

You are responsible to know the information on the images below, including the time period they were created in. Quizzes will be graded on complete accuracy of information.

1. Fibula with Orientalizing lions, Regolini-Galassi Tomb,650-640 BCE
2. Apulu (Apollo), Portonaccio Temple (Veii), 510-500 BCE
3. Sarcophagus of the Spouses (Cerveteri), 520 BCE
4. Tomb of Shields and Chairs, main chamber, 600 BCE
5. Tomb of the Reliefs, (Cerveteri), 3rd century BCE
6. Banqueters and musicians, the Tomb of the Leopards (Tarquinia), 480-470 BCE
7. Diving and fishing, Tomb of Hunting and Fishing (Tarquinia) 530-520 BCE
8. Capitoline Wolf (Rome), 500-480 BCE
9. Sarcophagus of Ramtha Visnai (Vulci), 300 BCE
10. Aule Metele (Arringatore, Orator), early 1st century BCE

List the individual time periods for each piece and bring in Friday, 10/23/09 - Quiz Day!

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